Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trey's Diaper Party

So Paige came up with the idea to have a "diaper party". She told Trey no its great all you do is have your guy frineds over and tell them to bring diapers. Trey poo-pooed the idea, then it dawned on him how many diapers we could get. So he made some BBQ, dropped a keg and put on football...1583. That's right we got 1583 diapers and close to 4000 wipes. Thank you! Yah we kind of feel bad, all these clueless guys thought they were getting a steal of a deal, just bring diapers and get free beer and food? HA! Sticker shock I'm sure. AND all the diapers we got were for babies-boy babies, not pull ups, and NOT adult diapers. Very classy gentlemen- again Thank you!

PS- This is only part of the supply! Couldn't fit them all in one picture!

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