Thursday, April 19, 2012

6 Months Old! Just a Minor Observation

We are so out of tune with our surroundings. In today's iPhone and Facebook world a bear could waltz through our living room and we'd shrug it off to continue trying to figure out a way to make a "Beiber" on DrawSomething. Since Holden has joined our roster, that has changed. There are times when all that jazz takes a backseat to the most minute observations. The lights, lizards, noises that once graced our presence have returned. A rediscovery for mom and dad if you will.

I grabbed a tortilla chip out of a bag last night while holding the little guy. As the bag crumbled from my abusive handling of it, he stopped cold. Looked at the bag. Then me. Then bag again. I crumbled it again. Same reaction. I picked it up and handed it to him. ("cheega, cheega, cheega...") He attacked it, laughing as it made the crumbling noises we so often ignore. Basic cause and effect, so perfectly displayed by none other than an infant.

That is Holden at 6 months. Despite the small setbacks in his life, he's packed up the oxen and forded the river with best of them to discover anything and everything he can. While I probably would have complained about someone crumbling a chip bag in such a manner at a Subway or other high class establishment, I couldn't help but enjoy every minute of what Holden was offering me.



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