Friday, June 7, 2013

Aveeno Men's Products

It's tough for any dad to admit he's not perfect. Most of us grow up with visions of our own father's being Superman, possessing no ill character traits. A beacon of all that's great. I'll admit it, I have one flaw. Only one. I am very unsuccessful when it comes to growing a well manufactured beard. 

I give you the Cliff Clavin Syndrome. (Cliff Clavin? You ask?) 

There was an episode of Cheers where they all grew beards, and Cliff embarrassingly had some empty terrain. (I'm sure it's on the internets somewhere. Everything is on the internets.)  Much like Boston's favorite mailman, I have two small patches of scorched earth that cramp what would be a rather rad red haired chin cap. This means keeping a clean shave is ever important, as the patches tend to disfigure my otherwise stunning look.

I recently tested Aveeno's new line of men's care products. Included in that line are a facial wash, shaving cream, and after shave lotion. (Did I mention I also have sensitive skin? Yeah, I don't fend rashes off very easily, especially when it comes to shaving.)

It was end of the long Memorial Day weekend, and the fam and I were having so much fun, that I decided to give the ol' follicles a chance to stretch their legs. Come Monday night it was game on. Armed with the Aveeno Men's Care products, I attempted to become "work appropriate" for Tuesday.

Step One: Washing the face. My typical face wash is my bar of soap (Hey Trey, about that rash...) so this product was at the top of my list. As the wash penetrated the microscopic residue from a weekend's run of BBQs I was confronted with a very clean feeling. The sticky feeling that the bar of soap usually leaves me fighting wasn't there. My face felt so awake, it was alive and ready.

Step Two: Lather up. It was the smell that hit me first. Yeah the can says Fragrance Free, but that's the end result. The shaving cream smelt so good, I contemplated topping the lather off on my tongue. (I knew this would be a bad idea, as it wasn't designed to be ingested and I am old enough to understand that now). Arise chicken! The stubble jumped onto my blade as it glided through my face like a Zamboni on ice. In seconds, I was cleaned. A quick hand/mirror check confirmed what I already knew. No second shave.

Step Three: After shave. Lotions leave me feeling all oily and stuff. I was skeptical as this just seemed to be the norm. (Note: Apply frugally, it does the job with just a small amount). As I slapped the lotion to my freshly axed face, there was a small cooling sensation. No armies of bees armed with lava torches feeling things out. Within minutes I had an epiphany. That rash that normally invades my neck during those post shave battles didn't appear!

I've shaved a gajillion times in my life, this one was one of the more successful goes, especially in the anti-rash department. I was already excited for my next shave. Happy Father's Day to me.


Notice the shirt change. That was my fault, not Aveeno's. Promise.


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