Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #61 (HAPPY NEW YEAR)

Holden? He didn't make it to 7:30pm, much less midnight.

Mom and dad conquered dinner at a local establishment. While driving back to the temporary abode we drove past the campus at the University of Florida. In our years at the school, we were never around for New Years, so checking out the campus life on this kind of night intrigued us.

There were maybe 5 students in town on New Years Eve. Every establishment across from campus was closed...except for one spot...When we saw the lights on we pulled over and walked into one of our old college stops for a beer. It was nice. First time we got a spot on the street up front, and the first time we got a booth.  We even ordered the Natural Light or whatever skunky swill they had for $1. You'll see in the picture below, it was relatively empty.

Despite those shenanigans, we didn't last long, and found ourselves back at the temporary abode to watch the ball drop. I called at 11:45 to check on Holden, telling the nurse we were going to bed. When she asked why we weren't staying up until midnight, I replied, "We are, but only to make sure the world didn't end."

Happy New Year!

The Flynns.

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