Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holden's Birthday Gift

For Holden's birthday we got him a fish. That's right, we bought a two year old a fish. To understand the complex background of such a gift we have to shoot back a couple weeks ago when Holden figured out how to change the channel with the remote control. I believe it was a couple clicks up, but landing on channel 1100 was a absolute game changer for the kid. In only an instant, AT&T UVerse pay-per-view advertisements flooded our screen. That wasn't the the thrill though. No, the thrill was the background behind those translucent ads. It was continuous loop of tropical fish swimming aimlessly. The geniuses at AT&T probably thought it was clever, cheap, and unsophisticated footage. For Holden, it was the most amazing thing in the history of ever.

The insanity spread. For weeks afterwards, anytime one of us slightly grazed the remote, "Fish!" would eject from his mouth. It didn't matter where he was, or what activity he was involved in, he just knew what we were doing.

When it can time for his birthday, we knew we had to get him a fish. It was too obvious. So Nicole, Holden and I trekked down to the pet store and found the healthiest looking Betta Fish on the shelf. One that looked like he'd appreciate a the lifestyle provided by us Flynns. (It barely beats being the prize of some county fair's ping pong toss)

It was a match made in heaven. While the fish is still without a name, Holden is excited to talk about it. In fact, he'll tell you about it...(Yeah I broke all rules of smartphone video recording etiquette with the head to toe screen, but you have to act fast with these kids)

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