Monday, November 11, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #15

My office was closed for the Veteran's Day holiday. (Happy Veteran's Day to Holden's cardiologist at that). I took advantage of the time off and joined Nicole and Holden at his speech therapy session in the morning. Afterward, we took him to the park to butter him up before using our size advantage to force him to join us on a jaunt to the outlet mall for some fashionable outerwear.

As a reward for his stellar behavior in that regretful madness, we swung by the Bass Pro Shops on our way home to gander at the giant fish tank. (For those not familiar with said Bass Pro Shops tank, strap on a pair of goggles, head down to your swampiest bog and spend a few minutes underwater peering through the murky green.)

Bass Pro Shops isn't a store, it's a freaking test. Not that I go in and spend all my money on a trolling motor or anything, it's just so large you can easily get lost. Dare I call it a southern IKEA?

Upon entering the venue we were blasted with an insane dose of Early Christmas. I'm not talking the, "Wow, Christmas lights are already for sale at Target," or the "It's October and Publix has decorated their parking lot" type Christmas. It was music, employees dressed as elves, and live Santa Claus type Christmas. (You might recall, Holden's first Santa picture came at this location in December of 2011)

Holden seemed to enjoy the idea of a mid-November's Yule, so we obliged. The pictures are below.

After debate (Swinging around the carousel 3 times, and declaring "no" to every available Bass Pro Shoppy-like creature), Holden settled on the bear. I've yet to see any human being actually tame and saddle up a bear. It would be kind of silly, seeing as cartoons taught me bears have two interests in life and neither of them involve extensive and labored travel.

Holden's physical therapist would be so proud. 

Of course, no mid-November Christmas is complete without a photograph with Ol' Saint Nick. We weren't expecting such a meeting so Holden's attire can best be described as tattered. He met Santa with the patience of a starved puppy, and of course the camera lady erred in her first shot (was told it was a picture of the ground, and half-a-Holden). The reshoot required some talent, thus the reason I am photobombing to the left. There is juice in that cup, and Holden would probably let you know if you were there.

Merry um November Thank-Christma-kuh

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