Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #16

OH THE HUMANITY! We knew this day was coming, we just had never prepared ourselves. In fact, it was one of those moments where you throw your head into the sand and ignore the cruel  reality. It's easier that way. Why pull hair over a future problem when it's not an issue NOW?

If you'll recall, after Holden inadvertently stumbled upon AT&T U-Verse's fish based advertising channel he was absolutely obsessed. At least once a day we'd deal with something like this.

(Oscar-worthy parental sigh)

He'd then spend the next 3-4 minutes reminding us of what we were watching. It was consistent and as time went on we'd play along. It was the only way to maintain sanity as the elevator music delivered movie news. (See video)

(Note. Phish is not the greatest band ever. Holden once answered this question with Nickelback, so his music opinion is to be taken a little light)

Tuesday afternoon was no different...

(Oscar-worthy parental sigh)

(B-flick-worthy parental gasp)

(Sweaty palms. He wasn't going to stop, was he?)


Shortly after Holden discovered "Fish" we remembered this channel. Last Christmas, we came home from a long day at the hospital to relax with my cousin and his girlfriend. While scanning the television for some seasonal background music, we stumbled upon this fire-based holiday music channel. As hokie as it seemed, it did the job.

This wasn't the case for Holden, and explaining fish was on hiatus was nearly impossible.

"Fish...fish isn't on."

 "How about Duck Dynasty?"

We were trapped. If we didn't find fish, and soon, an impatient two year old would reveal himself. I-Pad! I-PAD! I-Pad has everything, they surely would have an App for that. (They do.)

Where does I-Pad fish rank with TV fish? I don't know. It has sufficed...for now.

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