Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #21

A few months ago we purchased one of those bike carriages for Holden. The idea was awesome. We'd all pack up and go on a bunch of magical Sunday family bike rides to the Lake Eola Farmer's Market. The excursions would allow us to stock our pantry with local, organic healthy goods. Of course, Mom and Dad would be all in shape as a result.

Almost hours after we purchased the carriage, I took my new, used bike for it's first spin. After parking it outside of my cousin's house for the better part of 5 minutes, it was gone. Bikes don't last long on the thievery market.

If you'll ignore the obvious brochure conspicuous text safety violation he had a lot of fun as we took turns on Nicole's pink beach cruiser.

Nicole wore sandals on the bike? She's always told me that is a no-no!

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