Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #20

We are alumni, and unbelievably diehard, loyal fans of the University of Florida. As a result we force our child to join the fray. We force clothes on him, teach him the various cheers (specifically "The Chomp"), and tell him all about the days of yore. Sadly, for the first time since daddy's birth year (1979) our football team is probably going to have a losing record.

With the game not kicking off until 7 Saturday evening, Holden was sawing logs by the time it ended, but I'd call this picture of him in his Gator jersey (taken around 6:00 pm Saturday)...


It was said last weekend, while the University of Florida doesn't field a great football team in 2013, they do field one heck of a pediatric heart transplant team.

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