Friday, November 29, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #32

The angle makes it look like he's picking his nose. Amazing, huh?
During his appointment on Monday, Holden's doctors decided it was time for him to be under a little stronger supervision. Unfortunately his heart is struggling a little more than it was a few weeks ago when we were allowed to go home pending transplant. So, we're back in the hospital.

While there is no timetable on his release, the goal is to pump the precious heart nectar known as Milrinone through his veins and remove some of the stress from his ticker. If it's successful there is an outside shot he can come home for Christmas.

The good news? The fine folks at Shands and Arnold Palmer Hospital agreed to allow Holden to do this in Orlando.So, we don't have to pack the conestoga and head up to Gainesville just yet.

The great news? They allowed us to wait until Friday so we could spend Thanksgiving with him. We catered our days to Holden. SeaWorld. Thanksgiving. Yesterday? A trip to Lake Eola to visit the swans. Lunch at Jason's Deli (salad bar, brah).

Holden is doing very well right now. This place has all you can eat hummus. Hummus I tell you!

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