Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #38

As a family we have walked Holden 4872.3 miles around the cardiac unit at Arnold Palmer Hospital.
When Holden was younger, we described them as parades. Parades included fake musical instruments created mom and dad's mouth. Parades included waving drive bys of all the nurses and doctors who were hard at work. Parades put us in control. Control has swayed. Therefore, parades are no longer cool to him.

These days, he's "Cruising the unit". He comes armed with a classy pink (but manly) Little Tykes car he steers through the halls like a bat out of heck. We've got to push it, but he doesn't seem to mind, in fact, if you stop for even a second he'll remind you to go.

Nicole, having a little fun, pulled a video of one of these rides.

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