Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #55 (Christmas)

We didn't get our Hallmark Channel Christmas movie new heart miracle (I was all ready to announce Ryan Gosling for my role in the made for TV movie.), but the day was still amazing. Thank you to the Arnold Palmer hospital for allowing Holden to escape the madness of the machines for a few hours to spend time with his family. Thank you to the support staff, nurses, and doctors for holding the potential furlough at a secret level that would have the Illuminati blushing. Thank you the the numerous people who made sure Holden was well enough to go home.

I have some pretty solid Christmases over the years, this one was without a doubt, the best ever.

Pictures below. - Trey

Holden likes water. See, Santa knows everything.

We were on a mission.You can tell because Nicole is wearing "serious face"

Featured in this group of carolers at the the hospital was a girl who is almost 5 years post transplant.

All tuckered out.

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