Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Tin Man's Heart Watch Day #54

Can you believe it is Christmas Eve? One of our family's traditions is to hit the streets and morph into judgmental Christmas light hawks. We're the type that halfheartedly throw lights on their own house, then roll around town seeking something better than our own grease job. Rarely do we find a house that has mastered "the look" making us, by all definitions, foul human beings when it comes to exterior illumination.

The usual trips would send us aimlessly wandering through neighborhoods discovering homes decked with a single strand of lights or with a couple inflatables piled upon other inflatables. It's nice, but never jaw dropping by our inflated standards.

We eventually make our way to the legitimately extravagant Lake Arnold Place. It is a quiet street famous for going all out for the holiday since I was a youngin'. Every Christmas Eve a parade of cars slowly rolls down the avenue, they leave their lights off and blare Christmas music as if the piped words of Ella Fitzgerald or Bing Crosby was actually Metallica. It sets the standard in Orlando.

Last night we went down that street a night early, blaring music with our window down the way my family had for decades. Only this time, we recorded it.

If we can't bring Holden along for our family tradition, we're going to bring it to him. This house featured in the video below has been a sight on that street since I was Holden's age. Here's to the lights!

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