Friday, June 7, 2013

Aveeno Men's Products

It's tough for any dad to admit he's not perfect. Most of us grow up with visions of our own father's being Superman, possessing no ill character traits. A beacon of all that's great. I'll admit it, I have one flaw. Only one. I am very unsuccessful when it comes to growing a well manufactured beard. 

I give you the Cliff Clavin Syndrome. (Cliff Clavin? You ask?) 

There was an episode of Cheers where they all grew beards, and Cliff embarrassingly had some empty terrain. (I'm sure it's on the internets somewhere. Everything is on the internets.)  Much like Boston's favorite mailman, I have two small patches of scorched earth that cramp what would be a rather rad red haired chin cap. This means keeping a clean shave is ever important, as the patches tend to disfigure my otherwise stunning look.

I recently tested Aveeno's new line of men's care products. Included in that line are a facial wash, shaving cream, and after shave lotion. (Did I mention I also have sensitive skin? Yeah, I don't fend rashes off very easily, especially when it comes to shaving.)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Holden at Knight-thon

Life has been a bit hectic on our end, so we apologize for not updating this sooner. Plenty of Holden updates coming. Promise.

In April Holden was invited to be a guest at Knight-thon, a grueling 18 hour dance marathon put on by students at the University of Central Florida.

These students dance for 18 straight hours with only small breaks to prevent the total shutdown of their central nervous systems. The event also took place on a Saturday/Sunday, meaning these students were also willing to sacrifice an optimal, late semester weekend in the name of the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network.

After sharing his story, and doing his own on stage dancing, we were greeted by three groups of students who had fund-raised and were dancing in Holden's name. Decked in Mickey Mouse paraphernalia (Holden's favorite) and sweaty from a few hours of stomping, everyone shared their amazing personal fundraising stories. We were floored with the lengths that these students went through, and most of them were meeting Holden for the first time. Just unbelievable.

Thank you to the UCF President's Leadership Council, Beta Theta Pi, and Delta Sigma Phi for all the awesome gifts and for your support. It really made Holden's day and your fundraising made the day for thousands of kids who will benefit from the proceeds.

In all, the Knight-thon raised $258,554.17 for the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network. Pretty amazing stuff. Check out the pictures below!