Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Tin Man's New Heart

It's hard to believe it was a few weeks ago now, but on October 3rd Holden’s cardiologist informed us that Holden’s best chance at long term success is with a heart transplant. We know it was not an easy decision for crew at Arnold Palmer Hospital, but after numerous consults and tests they determined that another operation to repair his heart would only be a band-aid, and at some point in the future, we’d be in the same spot we are today. It is not worth the stress it could put on his body.

For Nicole and I, the news was hard, but we had prepared ourselves. The word "transplant" was an elephant that first entered the room back in June. It wasn't a major option at the time, but as the weeks progressed it began to look more and more likely.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holden's Birthday Gift

For Holden's birthday we got him a fish. That's right, we bought a two year old a fish. To understand the complex background of such a gift we have to shoot back a couple weeks ago when Holden figured out how to change the channel with the remote control. I believe it was a couple clicks up, but landing on channel 1100 was a absolute game changer for the kid. In only an instant, AT&T UVerse pay-per-view advertisements flooded our screen. That wasn't the the thrill though. No, the thrill was the background behind those translucent ads. It was continuous loop of tropical fish swimming aimlessly. The geniuses at AT&T probably thought it was clever, cheap, and unsophisticated footage. For Holden, it was the most amazing thing in the history of ever.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Two Years Old

I’ll probably tell this story again 40 times, so forgive me. It all seems like such a flash, but Holden was born two years ago today. It was one heck of a morning.

It was October 11th, early in the morning. We were scheduled for a big C at 7:30 AM (I say we, but it was really Nicole going under the knife). I roping my way through only a couple hours of sleep, all reduced by the anticipation of what was to come. After arriving at the hospital, we valeted, walked up to a tiny waiting area, and sat. I was maybe 5 minutes in before I announced that my intentions to go get some coffee to try and counter the fight that my weighted eyelids were putting up. Without much objection, I set off for the cafeteria and loaded up a 20 ouncer of Dunkin’s finest. As I rushed back up to the waiting room. Nicole was nowhere to be found.